Monster Mash


On the last Monday before Christmas the club hosts its 'Mess Night' - AGM followed by loads of booze and what has now become an institution, the Christmas Monster Mash game.

Monster Mash is a set of rules written by Ed Allen and posted on his web site. It is a game of battling monsters - the catch being they have to be made up on the night out of modelling dough.

The scenario (if you can call it that) is that Father Christmas has crash landed his sleigh into the frozen wastes of Monsterland waking every monster up from his/her/its hibernation. Of course this means that they are hungry and the only thing available to eat that tastes nice is Father Christmas .

A special note of thanks to my daughters Emma and Amie for letting us borrow their Father Chistmas and other assorted models.

       The nonsense is about to begin, some of the monsters can be seen raring to go
       Some more creations lurch forward
       The Welsh Dragon pummels a pink squishy ball thing
       The real objective is in sight (you mean that there is one ?) - Father Christmas gets his butt bittten
       Collin's spikey, jumping monster goes for the left arm
       General chase is declared
       The feast continues
       The first death of the night - a monster who loses all his/her/its faculties dies and the victor gets to beat the crap out of it with the ceremonial meat mallet
       What can I say, grown men playing with modelling dough....
       It's best not to ask what the white trail is on the table.
       Love at first bite
       Not the most historically correct game in the world - the beer can indicates that a monster is currently flying

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