Other Games


This page attempts to depict some of the vast range of other games:-

         A shot of the cars on the warm up lap
         The real race begins, yours truly is in the black and red car following the Williams into the corner. The numbers on the track denote  the fastest speed a corner may be safely taken at. Following the red arrow allows an extra 20mph to be sustained (the racing libe through the corner).
       The pack chases the lead cars
       The chasing cars take a fast lefthander, I'm in the car at the rear.
         The riot police wait for the trouble to start, their vans at the ready.
       Trouble starts to brew in the park as a camera crew look on.
       An overview of the board.
        A riot has broken out in the park at the top left hand corner. The police have sealed off the roads to prevent them from reaching the Town Hall.
       The rioters threaten to break through the thin cordon
        Mounted Police move in to the rescue to diffuse the situation.
         Kreigspiel - The Greek commander writes his orders whilst the representatives of 2 other nations try to make a deal.
         A trench line of nervous Russains await as the British march forward to the attack just before the camera batteries die.
         A duel is declared at the officer's club as characters vie for social status.
       Weapons practice at the barracks

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