WW2 Games


This page covers all the WW2 games that we play :-

         A view of a WWII skirmish.
            The Germans are trying to hold the farm buildings against a determined British attack.
         The British dive for cover after their lead elements are moved down by an MG42.
           Another WWII skirmish.
            The Germans can just be seen emerging from the farm buildings to face some American airborne troops..
         The German infantry rush to occupy the best positions.
         Two well dodgy looking Americans sprint down a sunken road to outflank the German positions.
         A lone American paratrooper attempts to go one-on-one with his German opposite number in the corner of the orchard.
         A camouflaged German SMG man waits for a target to appear in his sights.
           A force of American B-17's.
            The main bomber stream, supported by long-range P-51's is about to be attacked by Fw-190's
.        A schwarm of Fw190's.
            The lead 190 peals off to begin his attack run against the lumbering bombers.
           A view of the board.
            This shows the complete board and a few of the players wondering how on earth the games system worked (quite simple was  the answer).
         A close up
            This shows a close up of the London area and the markers representing the different units in the game.

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